My topic to investigate is Probing for integron-encoded antibiotic resistant genes in clinical bacterial isolates. In this research, molecular methods will be applied for the detection of antibiotic resistant mechanisms encoded by a bacterial genetic system known as the integron platform.

My research mentor is Dr. Carlos Rodríguez. He’s a professor of microbiology in the University of Mayaguez. I chose microbiology as my research area because it’s a quickly advancing science. Pathogens and antibiotic resistant genes are especially of my concern because society is now facing these issues. Researches like the one I’m involved in help in the understanding of these problems, thus improving our ability to find the solution.

So far my laboratory experience has been very enriching. My mentor is helping me and another undergraduate student of BioMinds through the basic techniques of molecular biology. This has helped the confidence I have in my abilities as a scientist. I have learned some techniques like Electrophoresis and PCR. For this semester my mentor and I expect to find antibiotic resistance genes in bacteria from food, soil, and other places other than hospitals. We are also expecting to help in an investigation on chemistry involving bacteria and other sources of energy.

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