First Bio-Blog Post [BioMind’s 2nd Semester]

• Three (3) objectives to achieve in this semester are:

(a) investigate deeper about the electrochemical processes of Geobacterarchae’s metabolism,
(b) revise my knowledge of electrochemistry and acquire more through my Prof. Carmen Vega from the Chemistry Department which will be working with us in this investigation, and
(c) get involved and more familiar with the process of sediment battery assembly. I can only go further on this by practicing because this first month I’ve been reading the scientific literature on this procedure.

• These objectives give continuity to the project by:

(a) helping me understand what’s happening between Geobacterarchae and the other organisms that perhaps will be present in the biofilm,
(b) making more likely for me to contribute new and improving ideas to the experiment.
(c) helping me make less systematic errors, thus enhancing more accurate results.

• Some of the skills I will strengthen this semester are:

(a) independent work,
(b) scientific literature search,
(c) handling of new electrochemical equipment, and
(d) my initiative.

NOTE: I will provide the experimental procedure on a post next week.

Published by Priscila Rodriguez Garcia

Priscila is an enthusiastic gamer, scientist, and a very talkative person. She is interested in science communication, yeast genetics, and biomedical research. Priscila is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Molecular Genetics at The Ohio State University. She is also a Cellular, Molecular, and Biochemical Program Trainee and a Yale Ciencia Academy Fellow (class of 2017). She is happy to get in touch with people, so feel free to contact her!

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