Second Bio-Blog Post [BioMind’s 2nd Semester]

One of the most often used laboratory techniques, in the investigation I am participating, is PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction). This procedure is used to replicate DNA, which is very important in the biological sciences. Commonly there is not enough DNA sample available for study, so with PCR we can replicate our DNA sample of interest in the amount we consider necessary. This way we can collect more information about an organism without extracting a lot of DNA. Regarding the investigation I am working on, I will use this technique to replicate DNA extracted from the biofilm that will form in the anode. That way I will have more sample to examine and identify the organism growing in that biofilm. Identification of these organisms is key in this investigation; it will provide information on which organisms enhance electron flow from anode to cathode producing electricity, which is the purpose.

This semester I have had the problem of “not enough time”, which influences greatly in achieving my goals. Since I am convinced that I will reach my goals, I make time every Sunday to sit down and organize my week with a specific hour for everything, including relaxation time. This helps in fulfilling my duties without being under stress.

Using a scale from 1-5 indicate the progress you have reached in relation to the goals that you stated in your previous bio-blog posting:

• 1 – no progress at all, I have not achieved any of the proposed objectives.
• 2 – some progress, I have achieved at least 10% of the proposed objectives.
3 – intermediate progress, I have achieved at least 50% of the proposed objectives.
• 4 – a lot of progress, I have achieved at least 80% of the proposed objectives.
• 5 – excellent progress, I have achieved all of the proposed objectives.

Published by Priscila Rodriguez Garcia

Priscila is an enthusiastic gamer, scientist, and a very talkative person. She is interested in science communication, yeast genetics, and biomedical research. Priscila is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Molecular Genetics at The Ohio State University. She is also a Cellular, Molecular, and Biochemical Program Trainee and a Yale Ciencia Academy Fellow (class of 2017). She is happy to get in touch with people, so feel free to contact her!

3 thoughts on “Second Bio-Blog Post [BioMind’s 2nd Semester]

  1. Excellent, Priscila. Having to schedule and program your week’s work is a very good tool in time management that you should consider using in a life-long term. Keep up working hard.

    L. Saliceti

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