During this semester I stopped focusing on my previous work with Geobacter (bacteria which can generate electricity). Instead, my professor assigned me to work with his graduate student Odalys Alvarez. With her project, Odalys was building an Escherichia Coli genotec. A genotec is a collection of clones each of which contains a vector to which has been inserted a DNA fragment derived from DNA or total RNA of a cell (or tissue). This means that Odalys was recording all the genes of Escherichia Coli (their locus, length, etc.). Up to this point in the project the only part left is the genes’ sequence. The samples were prepared and sent for sequencing. Actually we’re waiting for the results to finish the project. Nevertheless, next semester I will be working with another graduate student named Glenda. Her project focuses on analyzing bacteria in samples of human impacted areas to check for antibiotic resistance genes. The problem is that up to now we think that these genes are only present in hospitals, but early results suggest that humans already have bacteria with these genes in them. As for this semester’s project, I will post the results as soon as I have them.

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