Second Bio-Blog Post [4th semester BioMinds]

We have had progress in the new project I am working on. I am working with Glenda, a graduate student in Dr. Carlos Rodriguez’ laboratory. We are comparing antibiotic resistance we find in hospitals with antibiotic resistance (ABR) we find in coastal regions impacted by human activity. This comparison has yield a 98-100% match through protein and DNA sequence. We are now in the process of specific identification of the microorganisms found to have this ABR genes. I plan to have this completed by the end of this semester. Time has still been one of my obstacles because I am now in my 4th year of college, which means the courses I am taking are a lot more difficult than they used to be, but up until now I haven’t fall behind on my work. Finally, I think an achievement for me has been to adapt to this new investigation, because I never worked with integrons (the carriers of ABR genes) before. I will be presenting my progress this Saturday, March 12 in PRISM 2011, which I am very excited for.

Published by Priscila Rodriguez Garcia

Priscila is an enthusiastic gamer, scientist, and a very talkative person. She is interested in science communication, yeast genetics, and biomedical research. Priscila is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Molecular Genetics at The Ohio State University. She is also a Cellular, Molecular, and Biochemical Program Trainee and a Yale Ciencia Academy Fellow (class of 2017). She is happy to get in touch with people, so feel free to contact her!

One thought on “Second Bio-Blog Post [4th semester BioMinds]

  1. Excellent, Priscila! Hope you will fulfill your research goals by the end of the semester.

    L. Saliceti

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