The Cellular, Molecular, and Biochemical Sciences Program (CMBP) is graduate training program at The Ohio State University. This program supports PhD students for two years and aims to facilitate career development opportunities to their students throughout their graduate training. The program achieves its goal through monthly research meetings, annual symposia, career workshops, ethics training, CMBP-specific courses, a scientific writing workshop, optional internship programs, and career monitoring. CMBP trainees also have travel funds available through the program. Incoming PhD students can be nominated by their departments and current students in their second year can apply.

CMBP/CRB Symposium

CMBP hosts an annual symposium with the Center for RNA Biology (CRB). This is a day-long event organized by the students with the program coordinators assisting them. Students nominate speakers for the symposium, a vote is carried out, and the winners are invited. Senior students from both CMBP and CRB present at the symposium and a poster session, where all students participate, also takes place. A couple of days before the symposium the students host a journal club in which scientific articles from the speakers are discussed. The students also host a panel with the speakers the day before the symposium, where students can engage the speakers about their science as well as career advice.

cmbp jc.png

Marcos Corchado (left) and Priscila Rodriguez Garcia (right) presenting at the Journal Club for the 2018 CMBP/CRB Annual Sympisoum [Picture source: @OSU_RNA on Twitter].


Priscila Rodriguez Garcia as a second-year PhD student presenting her research at the CMBP/CRB Annual Symposium in May 2018 [Picture taken by: Dr. R. K. Slotkin].

Published by Priscila Rodriguez Garcia

Priscila is an enthusiastic gamer, scientist, and a very talkative person. She is interested in science communication, yeast genetics, and biomedical research. Priscila is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Molecular Genetics at The Ohio State University. She is also a Cellular, Molecular, and Biochemical Program Trainee and a Yale Ciencia Academy Fellow (class of 2017). She is happy to get in touch with people, so feel free to contact her!

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