What was the BioMINDs Program?

The Bio-MINDS Program was an initiative funded by the Amgen Foundation with the University of Puerto Rico. Its goal was to promote undergraduate research in STEM. I was part of this initiative from 2009 until 2011 having my first research experience under the mentorship of Dr. Carlos Rodriguez at the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus. AsContinue reading “What was the BioMINDs Program?”

Third Bio-Blog Post [3rd semester BioMinds]

When I entered the BioMinds Program I was a sophomore. I was starting to take specific course in biology and chemistry. In the first year in BioMinds I was working on a research that had to do much with microbiology. Then, in the second year in BioMinds (this year) I am working on a researchContinue reading “Third Bio-Blog Post [3rd semester BioMinds]”

Second Bio-Blog Post [4th semester BioMinds]

We have had progress in the new project I am working on. I am working with Glenda, a graduate student in Dr. Carlos Rodriguez’ laboratory. We are comparing antibiotic resistance we find in hospitals with antibiotic resistance (ABR) we find in coastal regions impacted by human activity. This comparison has yield a 98-100% match throughContinue reading “Second Bio-Blog Post [4th semester BioMinds]”

Abstract for PRISM/JTM 2011 [1st bio-blog post in 4th semester]

Probing for integron–encoded antibiotic resistance among fecal indicator bacteria. Priscila Rodríguez, Glendalis Vargas and Carlos Rodríguez, Industrial Biotechnology, Biology Department, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. Traditionally fecal bacteria have been used as indicators of water quality. Based on their detection, it is inferred that fecal contamination has occurred and that potential harmful microorganisms might beContinue reading “Abstract for PRISM/JTM 2011 [1st bio-blog post in 4th semester]”

Third Bio-Blog Post [3rd semester BioMinds]

During this semester I stopped focusing on my previous work with Geobacter (bacteria which can generate electricity). Instead, my professor assigned me to work with his graduate student Odalys Alvarez. With her project, Odalys was building an Escherichia Coli genotec. A genotec is a collection of clones each of which contains a vector to whichContinue reading “Third Bio-Blog Post [3rd semester BioMinds]”

Peer Review Bio-Blog Post (3rd semester)

Hello! I visited two blogs of my BioMinds partners. I resume their research topics in the following two paragraphs: Lorena Rios is a senior at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez in the Industrial Biotechnology Program. She spent her first year in BioMinds working with Dr. Gill looking for an optimized method of somaticContinue reading “Peer Review Bio-Blog Post (3rd semester)”

First Bio-Blog Post [3rd Semester BioMinds]

This semester I will focus on helping Odalys, a graduate student who is working with my mentor, Dr. Carlos Rodriguez. She needs lots of help on this phase of her work which involves the construction of an E. coli clone’s library. These clones have a recombinant plasmid with inserts of PCR products resulting from geneContinue reading “First Bio-Blog Post [3rd Semester BioMinds]”

Third Bio-Blog Post [2nd Semester BioMinds]

Like the last semester, I visited blogs of three of my BioMinds’ partners. I will talk a little bit of this experience and later update what’s happening with the investigation I’m being part of. First I visited Wilmer Rodrigo’s Blog. His assisting Dr. Carlos Rios’ investigation about Hyper Saline Microbial Mats that we can foundContinue reading “Third Bio-Blog Post [2nd Semester BioMinds]”

Second Bio-Blog Post [BioMind’s 2nd Semester]

One of the most often used laboratory techniques, in the investigation I am participating, is PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction). This procedure is used to replicate DNA, which is very important in the biological sciences. Commonly there is not enough DNA sample available for study, so with PCR we can replicate our DNA sample of interestContinue reading “Second Bio-Blog Post [BioMind’s 2nd Semester]”

First Bio-Blog Post [BioMind’s 2nd Semester]

• Three (3) objectives to achieve in this semester are: (a) investigate deeper about the electrochemical processes of Geobacterarchae’s metabolism, (b) revise my knowledge of electrochemistry and acquire more through my Prof. Carmen Vega from the Chemistry Department which will be working with us in this investigation, and (c) get involved and more familiar withContinue reading “First Bio-Blog Post [BioMind’s 2nd Semester]”