Third Bio-Blog Post

I was assigned to visit three bio-blog mates: Jonathan Marín from UPRM, Nashicel Rodríguez from UPRC and Yohaselly Santiago from UPRM. Reading their posts helped me visualize the program’s scope in terms of scientific advances and student’s development as scientists. Jonathan’s research is investigating the hemoglobin HbI found in certain clams which live in environmentsContinue reading “Third Bio-Blog Post”

Second Bio-Blog Post

At the time I posted “First Bio-Blog Post” my mentor, Dr. Carlos Rodríguez, was teaching me basic techniques of molecular biology through his research “Probing for integron-encoded antibiotic resistant genes in clinical bacterial isolates”. Now I’ve been reassigned to work on the chemistry field with microorganisms capable of extracellular electron transfer to an electrode inContinue reading “Second Bio-Blog Post”

First Bio-Blog Post

My topic to investigate is Probing for integron-encoded antibiotic resistant genes in clinical bacterial isolates. In this research, molecular methods will be applied for the detection of antibiotic resistant mechanisms encoded by a bacterial genetic system known as the integron platform. My research mentor is Dr. Carlos Rodríguez. He’s a professor of microbiology in theContinue reading “First Bio-Blog Post”